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DopeHeadz is a collection of 2420 dopamine-fueled individuals that are dedicated to tripping out the Solanaverse. In this forever on going rat-race for money, fame and power, our Dopeheadz come with only one goal in mind, to make sure there's not a single individual left who's not Doped out! Our Goal is to send the minted DopeHeadz to rehabilitation so they may overcome their chronic $PILLZ addiction and prosper in life. To do so, they must swallow a pill.


PHASE 1: Popped the Pill 💊

Launch of DopeHeadz Twitter and Discord.
Collaborations and Release of Sneak-Peeks
The official whitepaper and tokenomics release.
DopeHeadz official website release.
Liberate 2420 DopeHeadz onto the Solana Blockchain.
Listing of DopeHeadz collection on Magic Eden.
Start Building


PHASE 2: Trippin 😵‍💫

Holder verification setup for exclusive chats and benefits.
Creation of the $PILLZ token.
Setting up Staking for DopeHeadz.
Stake your DopeHead to start yielding $PILLZ.

PHASE 3: Addiction 💉

The first utility of $PILLZ is introduced.
Holders can mint DopePills using the $PILLZ earned by staking.
Once 25% of DopePills sells out, the price will be increased.
DopePills are of two types, namely Blue Pill and Red Pill.
The type of pill minted will be revealed at a later stage.


PHASE 4: Rehabilitation🌷

Holders can send their DopeHead into rehab with the help of the minted DopePill.
Holders will have their DopeHead and DopePill locked into rehab for 420 hours.
If the DopePill turns out to be a blue pill, The DopeHead and DopePills mutate to form a new breed of Mutants who is clean and no longer intoxicated.
The Mutants will have its own separate and new art traits.
The staking returns becomes 2.5x for the new mutant collection.
If the DopePill turns out to be red pill, the user doesnt get anything, his DopeHeadz is returned to him after 420 hours.
The DopePill is burnt in both the cases.


PHASE 5: Vitalization 💫

Establish Demand for $PILLZ .
Liquidity pool added to $PILLZ.
Listing of $PILLZ on exchanges like Raydium etc.
Introduction of more utilities of $PILLZ token.
Further development of the project.

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Dope Broky

Community Lead

Broky steers the team with his deep understanding of the crypto and NFT space, he is responsible for overseeing operations and community management.

Dope Elvizz

Marketing Head

Elvizz, our marketing head, is known for being a creative thinker. With years of sales and marketing experience as CMO of multiple startups, he will be in charge of expanding our online presence.

Dope Hazel

Lead Developer

Hazel is the go-to person when we talk about tech. With her experience in the IT sector and Masters in Computer Science, there’s no one better who could cater to all the tech promises of this project.

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What are DopeHeadz?

DopeHeadz are a collection of dopamine fueled individuals that are trippin' on the Solana Blockchain

When is the mint?

We will be minting on Sunday, the 8th of May

What will be the supply?

2420 DopeHeadz

What is the mint price ?

1.5 SoL

What marketplaces will you be listed on?

Magic Eden will be our official secondary marketplace.

What is $PILLZ ?

$PILLZ is the utility token of DopeHeadz

Where can I read the DopePaper ?

DopePaper of our project is published. Click here  to read.